In January I was asked a question I'd never really had to answer before, "what do you like to photograph?" It was part of a casual conversation, but in that moment I had to admit that I didn't really know. The first things that came to mind also came out of my mouth, "architecture, nature, … Continue reading Light


The Ache of Loneliness

There is a certain hollowness that comes and goes. Sometimes it passes by as quickly as a cool breeze disappears from a hot day and other times it lingers endlessly like the grey of the cloudy northwestern sky. Loneliness is an interesting thing because it doesn't always truly reflect a person's surroundings. Many of us are … Continue reading The Ache of Loneliness


I absolutely suck at listening. Don't get me wrong, when people are telling me about their life I'm actually pretty decent because I enjoy hearing about what's going in the lives of the people I love. Few other things bring me such joy and fulfillment. Listening to people I don't have particularly strong feelings for … Continue reading Listening