The Purpose and Power of Community

As broken individuals, we will always be our worst critics, our vision has been fuzzy since the day we were born. When we look in the mirror we can be too close to see the truth, unable to accurately put ourselves into perspective. We need someone to pull us back, rip us away from our intense, self-analyzation, and remind us that there is a whole person to look at and not just the depression, the sickness, the physical flaws, or the failures...In community, we find those people.


Mint and Aloe

There are people who exist in this world, who's presences refresh our spirits and who's words soothe the burns daily life has harshly layered upon our tender skin. Being held by their gazes and hearing their voices brings healing and centers us in steadiness and peace. Many relationships change. People grow close, people grow apart. We … Continue reading Mint and Aloe


More than the wave's relentless ebb against the shore, more than the land's strength to grow new life, more than the certainty of the circling of the sun, rising every morn, more than the universe extends beyond our eyes' ability to see. More relentless, strong, certain, and extensive - love alone remains. Before a child … Continue reading Timeless


In January I was asked a question I'd never really had to answer before, "what do you like to photograph?" It was part of a casual conversation, but in that moment I had to admit that I didn't really know. The first things that came to mind also came out of my mouth, "architecture, nature, … Continue reading Light