In January I was asked a question I’d never really had to answer before, “what do you like to photograph?”

It was part of a casual conversation, but in that moment I had to admit that I didn’t really know. The first things that came to mind also came out of my mouth, “architecture, nature, most things,” but none of them felt like they truly encompassed what I was I always striving to capture.

Today I while I was hiking in the woods and it finally dawned on me.


I want to capture light.

It’s not simply in photography either, it’s in everything. It all must be wrapped up in light. Everything I see, every word that is spoken,  every action carried out, light has to overarch all of it. Most importantly, light must be offered through all of it.

The search for light has become more vital for me than breathing; it keeps my soul alive. The same soul that used to be suffocated by its embrace of darkness now flourishes in the light, but only because it chooses to seek light more often then it does darkness.

Light has the power to wipe away the darkness that quickly entangles and ensnares. It is so easy to let the blanket of hopelessness overtake our souls but the ability to conquer it with light is what makes the world worth living in.

And this is what I hope my life will be as well, one marked by the sharing of overlooked moments of light with everyone around me. A life marked by reflecting the light that has already changed the world for the better and won the war against darkness.

That’s not to say the goal is to be bright and cheery in the midst of tragedy, rather it’s to accept the weight of the darkness and bear it without letting it cover up the light. The closer the darkness comes to the light, the less it will be able to hide. To jump right in and know that sometimes there will be no light to find except the light you’ve brought with you. Most importantly, to cry out in need of light when you can’t seem to light the match on your own.

When darkness is ignored or pushed away, it grows and gains power. When it’s brought close, it evaporates against the brilliance. For in darkness, light still has a place, in fact, without it, there couldn’t be darkness in the first place, there’d just be a contrast-less void. Truly, within the darkness, light finds its home and its full beauty. If it were just surrounded by other light, what would be the point?


It’s not an easy task to search for light. It isn’t safe and the journey never ends. It can be lonely and it can be cruel. But it is brilliant. It is breathtaking. It is hope.

It is light.


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