“Don’t make me come down there”

Plastered across the side of a white 53 footer the phrase immeadiately struck me as out of place. Now this was not because the truck was being used as a low cost form of advertising or because the contrast between bright white backgrounds and bold black text is often overlooked for flashy, shocking, and electronic … Continue reading “Don’t make me come down there”


Resiliently Hopeful 

A couple weeks ago I was deleting some old melodramatic Facebook posts from my high school years when Facebook was still pretty new and therefore I felt like I had the entire world at my finger tips. I posted a lot in those days and let me tell you, rarely a day goes by where … Continue reading Resiliently Hopeful 


I absolutely suck at listening. Don't get me wrong, when people are telling me about their life I'm actually pretty decent because I enjoy hearing about what's going in the lives of the people I love. Few other things bring me such joy and fulfillment. Listening to people I don't have particularly strong feelings for … Continue reading Listening