A Belief in Goodness

I believe the world is beautiful.

Unfailingly brilliant and glorious, the world offers an unparalleled beauty, a glimpse into heaven. Typically, I think this mindset would be criticized by cynics as “seeing the world through rose-colored glasses” but I’ve finally thrown off the dark glasses that were dampening my vision and gotten a true taste of the brightness the Son brings. And now that I’ve seen it I will fight for it until my last breath leaves my lips.

I know that when the world was created it was called “good”. I know that when humanity was given life from the dust it was called “very good”. Most importantly, I know that when evil seemed to have won the battle over goodness, God sent his Son to make what had turned sour, good again.

There is great evil in this world. Evil more hideous than I could ever imagine ravages the streets of America, Venezuela, and every other nation on this planet. Evil invades homes, businesses, and schools, it twists relationships, intentions, and minds, and it kills dreams, spirits, and people. It is a reality that cannot, and will not, be ignored.

But there is a force, stronger than evil, that has laid claim to this world. It is in the smile of a stranger you pass by and in the laughter of a child. It is in the stillness of the morning and the calm of a night spent under the starry expanse. It is the help of a neighbor and the loyalty of a friend. It is like the sweetness and tenderness of a first kiss and the passionate rally cry of righteous anger.

It’s the sparkle we search for in each other’s eyes that let us know we’re awake,



We have become accustomed to the dark glasses we let brokenness hang over our eyes; glasses that tell us the world is hopeless, destitute, and that there is nothing we can do to change it. That it is a lost cause on its way to self-imposed destruction.

These glasses keep out the Son, they dim the brightness it has already paid a hefty price to deliver. But it would be so much better to let tears sting our eyes because the light is too bright to handle than to continue to shed tears of sorrow behind the dark lenses that obscure our sadnesses from each other.

Behind lenses that isolate, dim,


keep us distanced from the deep reality inviting us to become drenched in freedom.

It is a dangerous freedom to say the least, for once it has been tasted your soul will relentlessly crave it. It will seek to find it, again and again, at any chance it has and it will become harrowingly distraught if you try to satisfy it with something besides the water of eternal life.

But if you fight against the dark lenses that have been slipped over your eyes and remind yourself of the beauty of the world, you will not be disappointed.

That I can guarantee.


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