I remember it clearly, written across a small piece of lavender colored paper was that word, “Faithful”.

I didn’t believe it when she gave it to me those five years ago as I worked my first summer in the kitchen. Internally I found myself saddened at the presence of it in my hands. Doubts ran through my head, “no one truly knows me”, “this word doesn’t suit me”, “how could anyone think this word describes me best?”

I never thought that piece of paper and that word would have stuck with me.

I have never understood how our memories work. How our minds choose which of the millions of moments we experience daily to save and store to the recesses of our minds. I certainly don’t understand why this simple moment, a moment centered around a word on a piece of paper the size of a gum wrapper, has been preserved in my memory for so long.

I don’t know of any reason except it to be a gift of grace from the Lord.

For that word on that piece of paper has returned to my mind over and over during the past few months and I’ve come to see how that word, although also possibly true then just not in my own eyes, was also a prediction of who I was to become.

I know I still have so much growth to go through in my walk but I finally feel like I have a foundation built upon which to stand through the good and the bad. A foundation of faith not simply in the Lord but in His love for this world and these people. A belief I have come to hold so strongly that it seems to influence most of my actions and consume most of my thoughts.

I have long known that words are a powerful force but to see it play out in my own life in such an intimate way is truly awe-inspiring. How grateful I am for that small word on that small piece of paper that has brought me into a much bigger world than I would have ever imagined.


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