Rivers Intertwined

Living by the water constantly reminds me of the ever-flowing river of life.

Once upon a time I was just a tiny stream, I knew few people and was influenced only by family, for that was all who was around me.

But as I have grown older I have met many others, some streams, and some, rushing rivers. My thankfulness for these bigger streams and rivers is unending. They gave me life; they helped me grow bigger and stronger by sending little streams of water my way.

Everyone, I have come into contact with over the past 23 years, in one way or another, has blessed me by pouring some of their own life into mine. I am better for it, especially thanks to those who gave to me even though our time together was short.

I will not forget why I have grown from a stream to a small river.  One day, when I hope to be as mighty as the Amazon, I will still remember all those who poured into me. Even more, I hope that wherever I go, I will bring life to those around me, pouring myself out as I have been poured into. Water is dangerous. It can kill, poison, or cause destruction, but it is the very thing that keeps us living.

I promise to be a river of life ~ it is the only way to properly thank all you have faithfully loved me from the day we first met. Our time together may seem small in the grand scheme of life, but impacts are eternal, and I will be forever grateful for those you’ve had on me.


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