Patient for Greatness

I don’t always check the little “On this day” tab on Facebook but today I am awfully glad I did.

There were ten things to look through and about halfway down I stumbled upon this post that said the following:
Our most meaningful encounter was brief, but it was enough for me to see that you have an endless amount of love for this spinning sphere we’re all on and its inhabitants. You are impacting the world in such a beautiful way and I’m so lucky to know you”

Brief could not be a more accurate description of my entire relationship with the person that wrote that post on my wall in 2013. I met him the year I graduated from high school and saw him sporadically when I would come from my various adventures for maybe a total of three hours every 6 months or less.

I wouldn’t call us friends, we never had time to become such, but I do appreciate him greatly and think he is an incredibly talented and amazing human being.

That being said, this past week I sunk into a pit of despair as I contemplated the post-grad life that is looming before me. I got stuck in the mire of “if I don’t become someone as soon as I graduate, I will never become someone great.”

But that is a lie for a couple of reasons.

The first is that becoming great doesn’t happen over night, at least not in the sphere of greatness that I aspire to. The greatness I am seeking comes with developed character, humility, grace, peace, wisdom, and abundant, radical love and that can only come with time and trial. I don’t know how long it will take me to fully accept this fact but as of today I will be consistently reminding myself of it until I can believe it with my whole heart.

The second is that I already have been great in the past and as long as I focus on my true joy – loving God and loving others – I will continue to grow in greatness. Not because I am perfect or because I am amazing at loving God and others (for I am not and I almost always suck at it very very badly) but because it brings me joy to serve the Lord in such a way. Developing character in one-on-one situations, serving at my church, encouraging my co-workers, offering a homemade meal, all these things help me love others well and bring me joy. And all of those things are great and they remind me that in the past, and even now, great things come in simplicity.

That being said, I still hope I can become greater than I currently am, that is the hope of growth and development but for now I will rest peacefully in the fact that I am great and so are all the other people around me. I will rejoice in the small feats of my peers because we are great now and we will only continue to become great as we continue to pursue Christ. Based on the character of the people I’ve come into contact with here it would be absurd to limit them to un-greatness for their hearts are redeemed and their dreams are Kingdom bound and those things will always signify greatness to me.


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