What I wouldn’t give to be iridescent.

Iridescent: (adj) producing a display of rainbow-like colors

But as the chrysalis of childhood slowly sheds from around me and the victorious shouts of “be anyone” and “do anything” turn into whispers I wildly grasp for in the gusts of winds the melancholic reality of averagity threatens to blacken my vision.

The proclivity for life’s tendency to be evanescent looms as I sink into believing that the quiddity of my journey up until now is characterized by nothing more than an opaque existence.

So quickly crestfallen in a world where everyone yearns to be the cynosure of another, the suffocating unknown of the future filled with apocalyptic predictions of alienation becomes the only thought in my head. Who? What? How? Persisting questions flash across my brain like the unavoidable sickly neon signs of the Vegas strip are stained into the eyes of its residents.

The hope of becoming iridescent, resplendent, although inspirational, is cumbersome to those struggling to burst forth from the chrysalis, I pray I can make it out myself.


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