Why does God allow our treasures to be taken away?

Not Idols…

We all know why He allows our Idols to be wrenched out from our grasps:
They’re the poison that keeps us from truly living.

In order to survive they have to be removed.

But treasures…

the things we hold up to light so we can see their full glory,

the bundles of joy that we can’t help but share with the world
because they’re too good to be kept secret,

the gifts, the beautiful blessings that fall into our laps.

These are things that we didn’t deserve but somehow they stumbled upon us
and graciously allowed us to call them our own.

And we knew,

we always knew they weren’t ever ours to keep,
but because we thought we were polishing them to bring before a king

and yet…

it feels like they’ve been stolen?


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