There is a sliver of fear in every sparkle but it’s the sliver that makes the sparkle so brilliant.

Hold on to that sliver of fear, but do not let it overwhelm your soul.

Slivers of fear push us forward into hope and courage. They give our sparkles character and history. How can we grow if we have nothing to overcome?

Glimmers and glints fade too quickly. We must sparkle, it’s the most glorious way of life.

Sorrow and suffering polish our souls; they shine them into new beginnings.

It’s the sliver of fear that reminds us where we come from and why we stand where we are today. It interprets the past and beckons at the future. Fear gives our new light something to reflect off so that its impact is doubled.

For light to prevail, there must first be a darkness for it to conquer. What good is it to fight a battle against nothing?

Welcome fear into the light, so that it might be challenged and changed. Push it forward; don’t coddle it within your weary heart. Let your soul face its burden so your being might be refreshed and allowed, once again, to sparkle.

There is a newness waiting to be enjoyed.


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