Camping in the Concrete Jungle: The View from the Helipad

Starry skies shimmer above the sea of yellow and white fluorescent lights. From the view atop the helipad, cities stretch out and fade into the glowing horizon becoming an indecipherable mix of illumination. From up here, the wind tousles hair uninhibited, free to move as it pleases away from building walls and other obstacles found between the concrete streets.


The chill of the night air rushes down into the lungs, shocking the body awake, calling it out of the shadows and into the light of life once again.

A roar bursts forth from the chest and is followed by knee-doubling laughter, freedom has been found under the covering of the rushing airstreams and the speckled night sky. The smile has returned to break the silence of tightly pursed lips. Venus and Jupiter overlap in the west and the moon slowly rises in the east, full and round, promising a new tomorrow. Silver clouds haloed by moonlight roll by in the heavens above, claiming the darkened atmosphere and calming the heart, reminding it that the world is not truly as big and lonely as its painted to be. For in those painted houses resting upon painted streets are hearts filled to the brim with love and care for those with whom life is shared.

Up here on the helipad, elevated from the mundane, vision clears, the spark returns to the eye and all is made right with the world. Fresh perspective makes the heart grow fonder of its home. Up on the helipad, the hard shell that had been forming around the body slowly cracks into pieces and crumbles to the ground. On the helipad souls are reminded that beauty is beheld in their eyes and freedom is waiting in anticipation for its embracement.

For we’re camping in the middle of a concrete jungle, and there are still many trees to be climbed and many waterfalls that have yet to rain over our heads.


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