Out of the Woods

It was early morning when I began my drive home from Tahoe. The front windows opened to the call of the crisp mountain air and I offered up numbed ears and frostbitten fingertips as sacrifice for one last inhale of the precious scent I equated with the vibrancy of life. As if in response with … Continue reading Out of the Woods



In the stillness of the dawn before the rose swept mountaintops discard their cotton blankets; before the sun stretches up, it's reflection glimmering across the stained glass seas of the waking city.  When the quiet whispers of sleeping houses fill with the rustling of fluttering eyes and covered yawns. Across the tips of dew covered … Continue reading Calling

Horizon Line

Eyes hanging on the horizon as if it were my lifeline; the sun, the ruler of my fate. As the time clock runs down ticking breaths away, and I find the darkness ever looming, I desperately suck in air, as if my oxygen intake could stretch milliseconds. into minutes; as if time would stop in … Continue reading Horizon Line

With all these bright lights shining in my eyes it's getting hard to find the horizon. What else is left if I cannot see the new day dawn? 


Under the light of the full moon basked in its rays, I pretend everything is alright. I try to trade in these bright nights for  sunny days but it's foolish to believe this darkness  could ever lead to dawn. Hollowed under the moonlight's harsh glare, I find myself on the edge of destruction but still … Continue reading Moonlight