Friends Forever

Last night I was talking with a friend when the most beautiful picture came into my head.

We were talking about Jesus, as we always seem to end up doing, and how what happens on earth pales in comparison to what we will eventually get to do in Heaven as we stand at the foot of our King glorifying His name.

And that’s when the lightning struck.
There are so many people I love in this world, and many of them I rarely get to see. I have friends and family all over the earth but as I’ve continued to grow up and travel and as my cherished friends have continued to grow up as well the responsibilities of life have distanced us. And although my heart cares for each one so deeply as it did while we spent days basking in each other’s presences, nothing can simply replace the wonderful feeling of looking at a friend face-to-face, being able to reach out and feel their warmth and hear their voice.

Because of those reasons, growing up was starting to sadden me deeply. I don’t want to let go of the people I cherish, I don’t want them to graduate, get married, move away, get a job or anything else because I just want us to be together, to sit and enjoy the company of friend; breathe in the beauty of community one last time.

But last night I was given so much joy about growing up, and now I cannot wait for days to pass so that I can get older. I want to get older, I want to live the life I am meant to live here and then I want to go home to Jesus. Because I know the day I go home to Jesus will be the day I get to stand beside every single person I love again and this time I won’t have to leave their sides. I won’t have to say goodbye to them ever again because for the rest of eternity I’ll get to stand beside them and sing praises to the King, the Creator of all things.

So I eagerly live my life here, meeting and making many new friends and cherishing the old because what is to come is so much more beautiful.

Here’s to being friends forever.


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