Blink, and I promise, I’ll be gone. Before the morning sun rises and dawn breaks over the mountaintops, I’ll have left your side. This life is too short, for commitments and vows; they’re all weightless words. You cannot tie down a bird with simple commands, clip its wings and still, it will try. Precarious seconds … Continue reading Wisps


Friends Forever

Last night I was talking with a friend when the most beautiful picture came into my head. We were talking about Jesus, as we always seem to end up doing, and how what happens on earth pales in comparison to what we will eventually get to do in Heaven as we stand at the foot … Continue reading Friends Forever


I've decided I don't enjoy getting older. It's not the age that worries me or the ever closer imminence of death. Rather I miss the days of innocence, when dreams reached past the sky and into the heavens because the atmosphere wasn't there to stop them. When we believed we could fly because gravity didn't … Continue reading Older