Its Time to Stand in the Rain

Rain is an incredibly beautiful thing.

It smells wonderful, it deepens the colors of the earth, it brings life and washes away death.

It also falls on everyone.

That’s the most wonderful thing about rain, it treats everyone the same.

You cannot walk outside in the middle of a rainstorm and stay dry, the rain cannot decide not to fall on you, same as the sun cannot decide to not shine on only you.

There are people in life that consistently tell us we’re not worthy of the rain. That we, for some reason or another, are not good enough. They follow us around and poke at what they’ve decided are our weaknesses and build up tiny houses around us, boarding up all the windows, until we can’t see anything but what they’ve left us with: the things they’ve labeled as failures, weaknesses, or shortcomings.

But if you have the courage to open the door and walk outside into the rain, you’ll find that it falls on you no less than it falls on them.

For your value as a human being is not found in your appearance, it is not found in your abilities, your talents, your successes or your failures, your strengths or your weaknesses.

Tall or short, big or small, athlete, musician, straight A student, or seemingly talentless human being (this is another lie by the way; everyone is good at something you just haven’t discovered it or embraced it yet, I promise, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m good at and passionate about and so are my parents), introvert or extrovert; the rain will fall on you as surely as it will fall on everyone else.

Perfection, in the way we commonly think of it, does not exist. It is time to understand that we are perfect right now for where we are at in life. A thirty-year-old person does not normally look back on his/her fifteen-year-old self and think of that self as better person then than now, and in the same respect that the thirty-year-old self was no better than the current sixty-year-old self (unless of course you only focus on the physical traits, in which case, younger bodies do tend to hold up better than older ones, but that is just the cycle of life). Because as we grow, we acquire more wisdom, more awareness of the world and its inhabitants, and more depth to our character.

Today you are the best you could be, because you are striving to be so, and tomorrow you can be better if you keep striving to love yourself and others.

You’re value is not found within the opinions of others, so why don’t you come outside of those nasty walls they’ve built around you. Come, let the rain fall upon your face, just as it does theirs and realize that you are not worth any less than them. Let the rain wash away the dirt your covered in and watch as it washes away the dirt covering your attackers and realize that we all face the same messages of worthlessness on a daily basis. Come and be renewed by the rain, let it fall down your shoulders and back, let it soak you to your core, and refresh your downtrodden spirit. Feel the weight drop from your body as it tears away all that the world has twisted you up to be.

Come, come and dance in the rain.



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