Abide in me

although there are skyscrapers crumbling all around you, crashing to the ground in storms of dust.

Abide in me

when the money has stopped coming and the work has dried up and the accounts are empty.

Abide in me

when your loved ones are ripped away by the cold hands of death.

Abide in me

in the last hours before the sun rises, when you don’t have the strength to wait that long.

Abide in me

every day you wake up in pain only to wish it could all be over.

Abide in me

when the gun goes off by your head and blood covers your vision.

Abide in me

although all your hope is gone and love has left you by the wayside.

Abide in me

when you’re ripped from your feet by the thundering waves and dragged to the ocean floor.

Abide in me

when the sun disappears from the sky and you’re consumed by darkness.

Abide in me

when everything is perfect and you do so purely out of love because that brings me inexpressible joy.



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