A Lesson in Silence pt. 2

God is the only one in this world who is never silent.

Our electronic devices will loose power, the cars will shut off their motors for a good night’s rest, houses will lower the lights and put the rambunctious kids to sleep. The world as we know it, will daily lull itself into rounds of silence, sometimes per person or household, other times per city and country.

Once we’ve taken the devices out of our ears, tucked away our work and distractions and allowed ourselves to take the first breath of silence, we’re greeted by a roaring presence of a God who never quiets down. We’ll drown him out as best we can all day with ticking and tocking, with tapping and typing, with turn signals and turn on buttons, with talking, with telling, with taking, but His voice is ever-present. The trees never stop rustling, the birds rarely halt their singing, the waves will always crash against the shores, and new life is always saying hello to the world. When we enter in to the silence of the world we step in to thundering attendance that is the glory of God’s creation, His earthly core, where people become his children, and life regains color and purpose. For it is only when we find the humility to silence ourselves can we communicate with God and attend to the glory of His plans for us.


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