A Lesson in Silence pt 1

As I stood on the sandy shoreline searching for sea glass and shells and let the waves crash against my legs and rip rocks over my tender toes, I realized I had my priorities mixed up. I could stand on those shores for hours letting the waves dredge up the shrapnel from dead sea life to cut at my legs and feet for a small piece of sea-glass, but I cannot dip my feet in God’s presence for more than a second out of fear of the unknown. We spend our lives throwing our bodies, minds, and souls into the deadly waves of life that consistently threaten to consume us, drown us, drag us to the ocean floor and end us. Many of us have lost loved ones to the chains of achievement, feeling good, or being right, for the softened, crystal sea-glass of life that screams “I’m rare, I’m beautiful, you want me, you need me, I am your life” in our faces. Sometimes we need help ripping our faces away from those awesome waves, but when we can swim out past them and float in the middle of the shimmering ocean of The Lord, past the noise of the crashing waves of the world, we have the opportunity to sit in silence and be reminded that there is more to life than those waves. There are fish and dolphins, sharks and sandbars, icebergs and penguins, coral reefs and sand bars, vibrant waters and whales. There is The Milky Way and being led by moonlight and there is rocking back and forth in the great shadow of His existence. There is a majesty waiting behind the noise barrier, a wonderment and marvel that, is not waiting to be found but, waiting to be beheld with dropped jaws and widened eyes. To cut off communication with the world, to silence its screams and crashing waves, is to resurrect communication with God; for rarely can we hear the still, soft whisper through the roar of society and stuff.


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