Love pt.2

If actions could speak
His would say,
“I love you, I always have,
more than you could ever imagine.

I love you when you hate yourself
and I find you worthy, 
when you’ve decided you’re worthless
and when others have beaten you down.

I look at you
and stare in awe of your beauty 
I wish you could see yourself 
they way I see you
I wish you would see yourself
in my eyes.

I find your lack of perfection

I cherish the way you smile at strangers,
at me.

I think you’re breathtaking
I wish you thought so too.

It kills me when you think you’re alone
don’t you know?
I’m always by your side
I always have been and will be.

You’re more valuable 
than my own life
and the life of my only son

I would do anything to save your life
I’ll even die in your place
so we can be together

For you,
are more precious to me than any jewel
and you brighten my life
more than the sun could ever try.”

But most importantly
“I love you, more than you’ll ever know
more than you’ll ever try to imagine”


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