It’s a curious thing, darkness. The sun dips behind the horizon and its shine lingers reassuring you of safety. But then the night begins to creep in slowly, then all at once leaving you in absence of light, wondering how you ended up there, unable to find your way out.

We all get surprised by darkness, which is so funny, because we always know its coming. The clockwork of the sun and the moon trading places in the sky never stops, the sun brings us day but it always goes down, the day always ends and darkness always replaces it. We can never skip night.

We try however, to escape darkness, we harnessed the power of fire and we conjured light from electricity and we build towers and beacons dedicated to producing light amidst darkness. And in the middle of power outages we grab for battery operated flashlights and we strike matches to bring life to all the candles that have been waiting for their chances to shine.

But the darkness can overcome all these things, fires and candles will eventually lose their fuel, batteries will die, the electricity will go out and we will be left alone, in the darkness, wondering how we ended up there, scrambling to return to the light.

Darkness is overpowering and it is inevitable, I’ve learned to stop thinking I’m safe from it, because the moment I believe I’m safe, darkness has already surrounded me and I’m lost in it again.

I’ve started keeping watch, I’ve set up defenses and I’m holding close to the most powerful light anyone’s ever seen, the light of Truth and I won’t let go, because I know the darkness will sometimes surround me, but if I let it, the light will always return.


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