She sat hunched in the corner and tears flooded her face. Mascara ran from her eyes and was smudged across her cheeks and her ratted blond hair hung limp upon her shoulders. Defeated; there was nothing more she could do. She had lived a life of fullness; a life where joy shone from her face like rays of sunshine and love was freely given without need for return. She had was brighter than the bluest sky you’ve ever seen and she was magnificently beautiful.

But black clouds can’t be kept from clear skies forever and sometimes they overtake the sky and bring it into an eternal night, forcing the sun behind the rain and concealing it.
The clouds came on her life and she was tarnished, the daisy was torn from the soft soil, ripped to pieces, thrown down and stomped on. The Daisy, a flower that means innocence in old hidden languages, was deprived of its childlike meaning.
A whirlwind came crashing into her life and in one moment, innocence, love for a world, hope in the future, trust in a community, and faith in life was ripped out of her hands. There was nothing left for her in this world and as every day passed by she longed to be with her dad in the place where true joy overtakes a person and releases her from pain and suffering brought upon by different horrendous storms of a world run by darkness.
One day, when her desire to leave was so great she unchained her wings one last time and in a desperate attempt, flew for the window thinking that she could break through the glass and find freedom. And to her dismay she hit the glass and fell to the ground blacking out, giving into the darkness this time.
When she awoke later, she found herself in a bed, surrounded by worried eyes and upside-down smiles that wondered if their daisy was ever going to grow again. A man appeared at the door with a bouquet of daffodils, dahlias, and cinquefoils and as he set them on the table by her bedside, he motioned for the company to exit. And as tears began to well in her eyes as memories rushed forward and overwhelmed her tired mind, he took her clenched hands in his own and spoke softly to her heart.
“There will come a day when this will be over, when pain shall cease to exist and things like greed, selfishness, corruption, and hatred shall become forgotten myths. This life of old will mean nothing and your new life will begin and become everything. Until then, live with love and joy, have hope and faith, and trust and forgive and bring the son into this world of darkness, make it shine through the black clouds that cover these skies and remind the clouds that there is no such thing as darkness but rather the absence of light, my light. Return to the world, bring my light back into it, I have chosen you, I have brought light back into you, do the same for the others that have forgotten to let the light in. Radiate the light; let it pulse through your veins; shine. And once you’ve changed the world with your love and your story, I will come back for you and we will begin again and I will make you new.”


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