The Lifeguard

            Cold, slimy seaweed has wrapped itself around my legs and is tugging me under the waves. My arms start to flail, uncontrollably searching for a log, rock, person, something, anything, to grab onto to keep myself from sinking further into the merciless water. Another wave roars over my head, dousing me in sticky salt water, burning my eyes, and engulfing my screams for a rescue. The salt tears apart my already raw throat, catching my next cry and forcing it back down into the pit of my stomach. The seaweed tugs me down again and my arms surrender, exhausted from their battle with the raging sea, too tired to carry on. I open my mouth to consume oxygen and inhale a mouthful of water. I begin to choke and my eyes scan the endless blue horizon for a savior. Nothing. Drowning, I am drowning; I will never see the light of sun again. I take one last breath in hopes of retaining life a little longer and another wave rushes over my head forcing me completely under the water. I open my eyes and through the sting I see an army of seaweed against a darkening teal backdrop. My vision starts to blur and the built up carbon dioxide forces itself out of my lungs and I intake water. My lungs give out and my body goes limp and the seaweed continues to drag me down. My mind goes dark and I fade out of consciousness. 


             “You should have called out to me, I would have been there sooner. I would have heard your voice instead of seen your body slip under the waves. You wouldn’t have had to sink so deep if you had called for me,” the voice wraps itself around my head calling me back from darkness while oxygen overflows into my lungs startling my eyes awake. Breathing, I am breathing. My vision begins to focus, the blurred lines becoming trees and shrubs, rocky cliffs, and piles of seaweed, and the roar of the ocean fills my ears.


            The voice speaks out again, “you wouldn’t have had to struggle so desperately if you had called for me, you should know by know that I’m always here, waiting for you to say my name, to call for my rescue. Long before the seaweed got ahold of you, you were tired and weary, too weak to go on and yet you were afraid of calling for me, and so you pushed forward, killing yourself in the process. It doesn’t have to be this way; rely on me. I will always save you from the raging waters that threaten to consume your life, trust that I will. When you tire, call for me and I can give you time to rest before you continue; you don’t have to drown anymore.” 


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