She sat hunched in the corner and tears flooded her face. Mascara ran from her eyes and was smudged across her cheeks and her ratted blond hair hung limp upon her shoulders. Defeated; there was nothing more she could do. She had lived a life of fullness; a life where joy shone from her face … Continue reading Daisy


The Father

There she is, her golden hair covers her face as she flies on the swing set, her tiny hands grasp the old chains of the swing as the structure creaks under the delight of thousands of children that have swung on it over the years. She’s giggling, pure joy radiates from her innocent face as … Continue reading The Father

The Lifeguard

            Cold, slimy seaweed has wrapped itself around my legs and is tugging me under the waves. My arms start to flail, uncontrollably searching for a log, rock, person, something, anything, to grab onto to keep myself from sinking further into the merciless water. Another wave roars over my head, dousing … Continue reading The Lifeguard


He took her hands in his own and held them palm up, stretching out her arms, until they were fully extended. She winced, the scabs from her wounds started to split open as her arms were gently drawn out to their full length. They were stiff from being tucked in front of her stomach, guarded, … Continue reading Perfect