The Ache of Loneliness

There is a certain hollowness that comes and goes. Sometimes it passes by as quickly as a cool breeze disappears from a hot day and other times it lingers endlessly like the grey of the cloudy northwestern sky. Loneliness is an interesting thing because it doesn't always truly reflect a person's surroundings. Many of us are … Continue reading The Ache of Loneliness


Never Grow Up

My commitment to you is that I'll never grow up. As I've spent time enjoying the cliche movies, corny music, and cheerful moments of the holiday season I've only resolved to become more of a romantic than I have already become over the last few years. Although it doesn't snow in the Bay Area, or … Continue reading Never Grow Up


I absolutely suck at listening. Don't get me wrong, when people are telling me about their life I'm actually pretty decent because I enjoy hearing about what's going in the lives of the people I love. Few other things bring me such joy and fulfillment. Listening to people I don't have particularly strong feelings for … Continue reading Listening